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My Favorite Podcasts

I’m always trying to further my knowledge and better myself. I enjoy reading business and self-improvement type books far more than fiction. With that said, I’m not really a big reader. When I do slow down enough to sit down with a book, I usually enter into sleep mode pretty quickly.  So, I listen to Read More

Homeowner (and Rental Owner) Tax Deductions

It’s that time of year again… Tax time. I know, I cringe when I think about it too. Real estate is one of the most tax favored assets in the United States. If you’re a home owner or rental property owner, don’t forget to take advantage of all the tax deductions available to you. The Read More

Better Than Renting

In the Madison area the cost of renting is very comparable to the cost of buying when you look at monthly payments on a mortgage versus the monthly rental amount of a similar property. Many renters have said to me things like: “Why would I buy when the real estate market is in such turmoil?” Read More

Keith and Kinsey’s 5 Rules of Property Investing

After 11 years of owning investment property, I’ve made some great decisions, made some mistakes, experienced an up market, and experienced a down market. After all this, I’ve developed 5 core rules of buying investment properties. Most of these rules can be applied to any type of investing too. Educate yourself Learn all you can Read More

Are Dane County Housing Prices Headed Up?!?!

As a Realtor, I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the question, “When is the housing market going to bottom?”. Nobody ever knows exactly when we have hit bottom until they look back in history and see the statistics. Most of what you hear in the media is a broad generalization of our nation as Read More

New IRS 1099 Requirements

For those of you that are business owners or landlords, this is a must read. There is new regulations for businesses and landlords to file 1099s. This regulation somehow snuck into the health care reform bill. The way I understand it is that effective Jan 1 2011 all landlords will be required to file a Read More

From the Holiday Season to Tax Season

The joy and stress of the holidays is almost behind us and fast approaching is the not so joyful stress of tax time. Taxes are something many of us dread. However, with a little bit of organization and preparation it’s not so bad. Start off by pulling out a copy of last years taxes. Browse Read More

Protect Your Home and Your Family

In memory of our friend Cody Olson, who died a year ago today in a fire at the Silver Dollar Saloon in Blanchardville,  we’d like to give everyone a reminder about smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. On August 15th the a new smoke alarm ordinance went into effect for the City of Madison. Some people Read More

Build Wealth and Passive Income With Rental Properties

Many of you have asked questions about our rental properties. Why do we own rental properties? How much income do the really make? Is it really worth the hassle? How do you decide what makes a good rental property? I’ll give you a general overview now and try to cover specific topics with more detail Read More

Hello world!

Hello and welcome to our new blog! We have often run out of room on Facebook when trying to get information out there. So, we decided it was time to start a blog. Our goal with this blog is to make a difference in people’s lives through education, information, and inspiration. We hope our upcoming Read More

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