Screen Appeal Is The New Curb Appeal

In the realm of real estate marketing, the landscape has evolved significantly over the past decade. Gone are the days when a simple yard sign and tidy landscaping sufficed to attract potential buyers. Today, the initial encounter a buyer has with your home typically transpires on their mobile device or computer screen. Thus, it’s imperative that your home possesses what is now termed “screen appeal” to entice buyers and prompt them to schedule a showing. Achieving this requires concerted effort from both agents and sellers alike.

In today’s market, it’s essential for your agent to hire a professional photographer to showcase your home in its best light. You should you have professional photos as well as an interactive floor plan and virtual 3D tour to further enhance the appeal. It is crucial not to cut corners in this regard—opting for a budget agent who relies on cell phone snapshots simply won’t suffice. It may be tempting to have that photographer friend who takes family pictures or landscape photos take pictures of your home, but the results will typically pale in comparison to those produced by seasoned professional photographers who specialize in real estate imagery. According to Zillow’s research, listings featuring professional photos, virtual tours, and interactive floor plans garner 69% more views and 80% more saves. Even the sequence of photos can impact engagement, as many buyers only peruse the initial 4-5 images before moving on to the next listing. Increased interest and showings invariably translate to a higher sales price, making the investment in professional marketing a prudent one that is likely to yield significant returns.

A proficient agent can offer valuable insights on preparing your home for photography. Furthermore, you may find it beneficial to conduct a preliminary walkthrough of your home and capture your own images—not for use in the listing, but rather to identify any areas that may require attention. Sometimes, it’s only through viewing photographs of your own home that you become aware of distracting clutter or other elements that detract from its appeal. Perhaps you’ll notice that a jumble of items on an end table commands more attention than the room itself, or that unsightly audio/video cables need to be concealed. Additionally, optimizing your furniture arrangement can enhance the overall photogenicity of your space.

Ultimately, preparing your home for sale may entail some additional effort, and it’s prudent to thoroughly vet your agent to ensure they prioritize professional photography, virtual tours, and interactive floor plans. The payoff is well worth the investment—a meticulously marketed home stands to command greater interest and ultimately secure a higher sales price.

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