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2019 Year End Housing Statistics

2019 was a strong year for Wisconsin real estate with median prices up statewide 7.3% and 6.3% in Dane County. You may hear national headlines about the real estate market softening, and that is certainly the case in some of the large coastal markets such as Seattle or San Francisco. Locally, things continue to look Read More

2017 Dane County Home Sales Statistics

2017 was a great year to own real estate! Here’s a first look at the 2017 numbers. Zillow reports that nationwide property values were up 6.7%. According to the Wisconsin Realtors Association (WRA) as of January 1, median prices in Wisconsin were up 5.8% and Dane county prices were 7.3% over 2016. The number of Read More

2016 Madison Area Housing Prices

There’s no question 2016 was a great year for real estate in Wisconsin. Here’s a first look at the numbers. According to the Wisconsin Realtors Association (WRA) as of January 1 2017, the median home sale price in 2016 statewide was $165,000. This is a 5.8% increase over 2015. Roughly 81,000 houses sold in the Read More

Verona Home Sales Statistics – May 2016

In May Verona single family home sales jumped to 23. That’s more than April, but still doesn’t outdo May 2015. Although, 35 homes are currently under contract, so maybe we can expect a few more closings in June. Average prices were up to $339,719. This is 9.3% higher than last year. A couple of interesting Read More

Verona Home Sales Statistics – April 2016

In April 18 home sales closed in Verona. As crazy as the market is, that’s not an astounding number. I think that is mostly a result of the low 3 months’ worth of inventory though. Buyers just can’t find what they want for a price they are willing to pay. All the other statistics and Read More

Verona Housing Statistics – January 2016

Closed home sales in Verona are down, which isn’t uncommon for January (I call it the holiday hangover). However the closings don’t really reflect what is happening right now for active properties. There may have been only 5 properties that closed in Verona in January, but there are currently 26 properties under contract awaiting closing. Read More

Verona Home Sales Statistics – July 2015

July home sales in Verona appear a bit strange looking at the statistics. The median price is down, the sale price to list price ratio is down, and home sales are down, but the market is on fire with the average house only lasting 11 days on the market prior to an accepted offer! Well, Read More

Verona Home Sales Statistics – June 2015

You’ve probably heard by now that the real estate market is hot again. Since in we live in Verona and many of our sales are local, we will post monthly sales stats for Verona. If you live in surrounding areas such as Madison, Middleton, Oregon, Mount Horeb, etc feel free to contact us if you’d Read More

Where Is Your Local Real Estate Market Headed?

There are still many conflicting reports out in the media on the future of the real estate market . Although, we are starting to hearing more positive stories on the national economic and real estate outlook. The question is, what is our local market doing? According to this chart based on statistics from the Wisconsin Read More

Are Dane County Housing Prices Headed Up?!?!

As a Realtor, I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the question, “When is the housing market going to bottom?”. Nobody ever knows exactly when we have hit bottom until they look back in history and see the statistics. Most of what you hear in the media is a broad generalization of our nation as Read More


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