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Should I wait to buy a home because prices are high?

I get this question all the time from first time home buyers. Or I hear, “I’m just going to wait until the market turns down, then I’ll buy”. Nobody wants to buy at the peak of a market and everybody wants a good deal, but is there really logic to waiting? To answer this question, I Read More

Market Update – 1st Half 2020 Wisconsin & Dane County Stats

There is no question the first half of 2020 has been strange. COVID-19 really threw a curve ball at the economy and many industries. Much of our state was shut down March thru May, which is normally our busy season (for buyer showings and listings) in real estate. Traditionally, the number of listings and active Read More

Starting Out With Real Estate Investment

Have you ever considered rental property as an investment? An income producing property can be a great long term investment by providing a little bit of cashflow, monthly equity gains, and hopefully appreciation and tax savings (though there’s no garauntee to those two). At the same time it helps protect you from inflation. You see, a building Read More

Spring Market – Buyers Are Competing Again, How Can You Win?

It’s that time again… the spring real estate market has begun (back in February). I had a hunch it was going to be a very active spring, but I thought it would be a little calmer than last year. I was wrong. Buyer’s started coming out of the woodwork in February, even among the -30 Read More

Dane County Housing Inventory Update

Back in March, I wrote about what makes a Buyer’s Market vs a Seller’s Market and the current housing inventory at that time. It appears the market has calmed significantly since that time and that prompted me to check the stats on current inventory. Inventory is calculated as the number of homes available on the market divided Read More

Should I sell my home FSBO (For Sale By Owner)?

In a solid Seller’s market, some may sellers think, “Every property is selling, I should just save the commissions and sell on my own. How hard can it be?” The truth is, your home will probably sell eventually if you do it yourself, but your outcome will probably be better if you have an agent Read More

Buyer’s Market Vs Seller’s Market – Inventory Around Dane County

Think back to your high school economics class about supply and demand. A buyer’s market is when there are more sellers than buyers, in other words there is a larger supply of homes for sale than there are buyers for those homes. This results in good deals for buyers, and more time to be choosy. Read More

New Real Estate Marketing Trends – Geo-targeting and Virtual Staging

As real estate agents we are always trying to utilize technology to our advantage to market a home, and technology is ever-changing. Gone are the days of listing houses for sale in newspaper and have buyers come into the brokerage to look through MLS books.  Almost all buyers these days look at houses online prior to Read More

2017 Middleton Summer Home Sales Statistics

Home sales in Middleton have continued to be good through the summer and were right on pace (2 more) with last summer. The number of sales in Dane county is actually down compared to last year, so Middleton is exceeding the averages in the area. I would guess, like Verona this is primarily due to a higher Read More

Should I Buy an Existing House or Build New?

In the last 6 months, 7% of the homes sold in Dane County have been new construction, leading many buyers to debate buying an existing home or building new. It can be fun to think about all the personal touches you’d put into a new home, but it can also be daunting to think about Read More

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