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Home Build – Follow Up

Many of you followed us through the construction process of our home. It’s hard to believe we have been living here for over a year!  I thought I would post a follow up that may be helpful to others that are considering new construction route. It’s been a great first year in our home. We Read More

Benefits of A Buyers Agent

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about the home buying process and picking a real estate agent. Although, I never really explained why you should have a buyer’s agent. There are tons of benefits to using a buyers agent! They will: Talk through your financials and recommend a mortgage lender who will work well for Read More

Home Buying – Your Step By Step Guide

Home buying can be a complicated and scary process, especially for first time home buyers. We are here to make it easy and walk you through the process. This is a basic step by step home buying checklist of what you should expect throughout the home buying process. Follow our blog and we’ll detail out Read More

Why Should A Condo Association Get FHA Approved?

Our condo association’s FHA approval recently expired and the condo board is currently debating whether or not to renew the qualification. Several of our board members have been rather opposed to getting the qualification with FHA extended. Although, the people opposed to this seem to view it as a low income housing program, which Is Read More

How to Price Rental Units

Pricing a rental unit is important for real estate investors. It starts when searching for a property to purchase; the amount of rent a property can bring affects the value of the property as an investment. Even after owning a property for a while, pricing trends can change and investors will want to adjust to Read More

Home Build – Week 9

This week the finish work on the interior of our home began. The interior walls were finished with the final sanding, texture, and paint. The painter sprayed the entire interior with one finish color, and we are having our friend Rob at Pickett Precision Painting add a couple touches of color for us. We’ll probably do Read More

Home Build – Week 5

Take a look back to last week, and you’ll see how much was accomplished this week! It’s amazing to me the transformation in such a short time. The rough framing went really quickly and is already complete. They also put in windows, shingled the roof, and started electrical work. We did notice one oops, that Read More

Home Build – Week 3

This week in the home build, the foundation was back-filled, and the underground plumbing was installed. I climbed down into the basement to take a peak at things today. I was a little puzzled when I couldn’t find any interior drain tile around the footings. Then I found a cut section of the footing forms, and Read More

Home Build – Week 1

The build has begun. This week, we closed on our lot, the builder scraped it, leveled it out, surveyed, dug for the basement and footings, and poured footings. By the end of next week, hopefully we’ll have a full foundation. Stay tuned.

Your First Income Property

We recently had the opportunity of working with some first time home buyers who decided to purchase an income property as a first home.  They purchased a duplex to live in one half and rent out the other half. Their goal was to own their home while at the same time making a great long Read More

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