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How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Fast

I hear so many people that talk like it’s impossible to pay off a house, or they expect to be in debt the rest of their lives. Well, quite the contrary, it’s entirely possible to have a paid for house. You just have to be really dedicated to getting out of debt and make it Read More

Great Interest Rates = Great Time to Buy!

Over the past 5 years we have seen amazingly low mortgage interest rates compared to the historical average. I can only imagine that over the next 5 years we are likely to see higher rates as the economy continues to improve. However, last week there was some market volatility causing a nice dip in mortgage Read More

Being Conservative With Your Mortgage

I’m a big believer in living debt free. Living without debt offers you more freedom, less stress, and a more stable life.  Although, it’s pretty rare that someone has saved up enough cash to buy a home (good work if you have). A mortgage is one of the few debts I don’t think is totally Read More

Are dangerous loans making a comeback?

As home prices were falling and the housing market was questionable, we were seeing most of our buyers making very conservative home purchases – with down payments of 5%-20%. However, in the past year, I’ve noticed more and more buyers purchase a home with little to no down payment.  I’ve even seen a few buyers Read More

Choosing a Lender

Your lender will be one of the most important people involved in your real estate transaction choosing them wisely is important. Just like agents, not all people within one organization operate the same. One loan officer at your bank may be horrible to work with and another may be great. I always suggest people start Read More

Ditching The Credit Cards

Since moving recently, we’ve been working on getting our address updated every time we get a piece of forwarded mail. It came to the credit cards and we decided, “why update the address, let’s just close them!” I know, I know, many of you are probably thinking closing your credit card accounts will hurt your credit score, Read More

Why Should A Condo Association Get FHA Approved?

Our condo association’s FHA approval recently expired and the condo board is currently debating whether or not to renew the qualification. Several of our board members have been rather opposed to getting the qualification with FHA extended. Although, the people opposed to this seem to view it as a low income housing program, which Is Read More

Improve Your Credit Score!

I’m a big advocate for not borrowing money. However, most of us borrow to own a home. Having a good credit score can help save you money on interest rates. Even a 0.25% difference in interest rate makes a huge difference over the life of a mortgage. Credit scores can even affect insurance rates, and Read More


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