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Buyer, In a Seller’s Market, How to Compete

It’s tough for buyers out there! There’s limited housing inventory, and appropriately priced, well prepared homes are receiving multiple offers within days (sometimes even hours) on the market. As a buyer, there’s a few things you can do to beat your competition. Adapt your schedule – When a house is hits the market, you may need Read More

Make Sure Your Buyer’s Agent Is Working For You

The real estate market has been crazy lately! Real estate agents and lenders are swamped, and buyers are stressed out because they are being outbid and houses are moving too fast. However, don’t let this be an excuse for your Buyer’s Agent to be lazy. Here’s several things to watch out for from your Buyer’s Read More

How Does A Buyers Agent Get Paid?

Many first time home buyers stay away from buyer’s agents because they think it will cost them money. Well, the opposite is really true; a buyer’s agent will likely save you money. How, you ask? Well, most often the buyer doesn’t pay the agent, and the buyer gets the benefits of an agent’s knowledge, expertise, Read More

Benefits of A Buyers Agent

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about the home buying process and picking a real estate agent. Although, I never really explained why you should have a buyer’s agent. There are tons of benefits to using a buyers agent! They will: Talk through your financials and recommend a mortgage lender who will work well for Read More

How to Pick the Right Real Estate Agent For You

After you’ve decided it’s time to buy a home, your next step in the home buying process is choosing a buyer’s agent to work with. What questions should you ask when hiring a real estate agent to know if they are right for you? How long have you been practicing and working in real estate? Read More


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