What is my property worth?

Property ValuesI’m sure you’ve seen the automated valuation tools that you can find on Zillow, Realtor.com, and even a few agent’s websites. These tools are okay if you want to get a rough ball park idea of your house value. However, they are only as good as an algorithm can calculate based on property records data. I’ve seen these computer-generated numbers off – even over $100,000! If you are considering selling your house, you probably want to get a more accurate opinion on price via an appraisal or comparative market analysis.

We value properties based on recent comparable home sales just like an appraiser does. Kinsey and I each have certification called BPOR (Broker Price Opinion Resource) which is above and beyond the average Realtor’s training. First, we come up with an average price per square foot for the neighborhood. Then, we adjust the value based on the characteristics of your home that would add or remove value in relation to the other homes that have sold. Finally, we look at market conditions in your neighborhood. If inventory is low and homes are selling fast, your home could demand a premium.

If you are interested in an opinion on your home’s value ask us for a free market analysis. We’d be happy to look at your home and tell you what we think it’s worth. If you are thinking of selling we can meet with you to discuss different pricing strategies, our marketing plan as well as recommend ideas that you can do to get your house ready to sell.

If you are interested in a general idea of average home prices, check out our recent post summarizing the 2016 market values in Dane County.

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