Agents! Give Yourself a Raise! Stop Paying Your Broker Too Much!

bigstock-Boost Your IncomeAre you an experienced real estate agent with an established business working for a big name brokerage? If so, how much of your commission is your broker keeping every year? How much are they charging you in fees every month? Yes, some of the big names have a few helpful services and software packages, but for the money you pay them every year, you could easily build your own killer website! A website that is branding you (not the brokerage) and you could buy just about any software package you want!

Maybe it’s time for a change! At Great Rock Realty we are a stripped-down, stream lined brokerage designed to save the agent money, and let each agent tailor their business to their own goals. When I was an agent at a couple bigger name brokerages, I found that I never used the services they provided me. I never used the brokerage office as I was always on the go, showing homes or meeting with sellers at their homes. If I was doing paperwork or computer work, it was being done from home. I didn’t like the company provided websites or signs because it branded the brokerage, not me as the agent. So, we decided to open our own brokerage and do it our own way. Our way is your way. We let each agent run their own business the way they want to, as long as they are doing it with honesty and integrity.

If you are an agent looking to minimize your fees, maximize your profits, while continuing to provide top notch service to your clients – Great Rock Realty is the place. We offer a 70/30 split with a $10,000 per year cap. If you have a team, each additional agent on your team has a $7,000 cap. We have no monthly office fees, only a $240/year errors and emissions insurance fee. At the larger brokerages Kinsey & I were with, we spent 2 to 3 times this much just to hold our license with them. Call, text, or email us if you are interested in discussing on opportunity with Great Rock Realty.

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