City of Madison Rental Property Emergency Contacts

Recently, the City of Madison, WI amended the Madison General Ordinance 27.04(2)(k) to require owners of rental properties to provide tenants with 2 contacts that could be used in case of emergency when the property manager cannot be reached. Of course, whether your rental properties are in Madison or not, it’s a good idea to give the tenants an emergency contact.

This ordinance reads; “Every owner of a multi-family dwelling shall make available to the occupants the names of two (2) or more persons that may be called to arrange for emergency work. The names with the telephone numbers shall be posted in a conspicuous place readily accessible to the occupants. The names with the telephone numbers shall be revised periodically to maintain accurate information at all times. (Cr. by Ord. 5439, 3-30-76)”

This amendment also requires that rental property owners register these emergency contacts with the Building Inspection Devision prior to January 1, 2012. If you’re a rental property owner that needs to register your properties and contacts, follow the instructions here or call 608-266-4555.

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