Reminders of the Great North

If you know us, you probably know we spend way too much time working; that’s partly because we love what we do and partly because we are chasing some pretty big goals. This was our first work free weekend in a long time. We took a drive up to northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan celebrating our 1st anniversary. We didn’t really do much other than explore the north woods, take in the fall colors, enjoy the lake views, and most importantly be lazy for a change. Here are a few random things our trip reminded me of.

On the personal side of things:

  • Relationships and people are more important than work – Take some time off to spend with your spouse and family to show them how important they are.
  •  Seeing wildlife actually in the wild is amazing – We ran across a wolf drinking out of a pond and a couple of bald eagles soring overhead.
  • What goes around comes around – We do our best to help out charities by volunteering and donating. Well, a random stranger decided to generously contribute to a project Kinsey is trying to get started at the American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison.
  • Prayers do get answered – You can overcome anything with a little trust and faith.

On the real estate side of things:

  • 90% of this great country is still undeveloped – There’s so much to see out there all within reach of your car. Go explore.
  • All real estate is local – We saw the typical almost worthless random shack in the middle of nowhere, and a few miles away a developed lakefront with million dollar homes. Value is so dependent on location.
  • Vacation homes are a great buy – There are some amazing deals on vacation properties right now and there’s people renting them. It was a challenge to find a decent place to stay.

It was a great weekend away and we’re glad to be back home and back at it.

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