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Huge Influx of Rookie Agents – Hire With Caution

With strong growth in real estate values over the recent years comes quite a bit of hype in the real estate industry. We’ve seen a flurry of new real estate licensees getting into the business believing they can make an easy buck, and I applaud anybody with the entrepreneurial spirt to start any sort of Read More

Buyer Love Letters – Do They Work? Are they Legal and Ethical?

Among the home buyer bidding wars “love letters” from home buyers quickly gained popularity. A love letter is a letter in which a buyer often tells a seller a little bit about themselves. They might also try to sway the emotions of a seller by saying something ab0ut how they envision their family at the home for Read More

30% of home sales are cash! How?

The number of cash home sales is up to an unbelievable 30%. This is just another reason it is tough to compete as a buyer in this housing market. This leaves many buyers wondering, I saved 10%-20% down I thought I was doing great, how are so many people have that much cash? The truth Read More

Property Taxes – Dane County and Surrounding Areas

Property taxes are something to consider when purchasing a home. If you escrow for taxes, your taxes could be 1/3 or more of your monthly payment. Even if your home is paid off, property taxes will be a significant ongoing portion of your annual expenses. We have had many clients who’ve commented things like, “I want Read More

Our Marketing Advantage – Especially In the Verona Market

In this hot market Sellers think selling a home is easy and many are choosing the cheapest route to sell (FSBO or a flat fee service). If you are in a good location, with a well kept home that is priced right, I agree generating an offer really isn’t that difficult. However, do you want Read More

Investing In a Hot Real Estate Market

It’s no secret that we are huge fans of real estate investing. Kinsey & I have bought long term rentals, we have done flips, we now have a vacation rental, and we’ve even done a wholesale deal.  We are getting more interest than ever from new investors. When real estate is hot, it seems more Read More

Should I buy a vacation rental?

Since we purchased our vacation rental lodge in Northern Wisconsin last year, I’ve been bombarded with questions from people interested in purchasing a vacation home to use for themselves and to rent out part time.  So I thought it was time to write a blog post about it. There’s no doubt there has been a Read More

Home Inventory Shortage

Starting 2021, the Wisconsin Realtors Association announced available home inventory was down almost 40%, especially in the under $400,000 price range. Remember supply and demand lesson in high school economics? When there is a shortage of supply it forces a lot of buyer competition and drives prices up. That’s what is happening in the housing Read More

2020 Year End Housing Statistics

  2020 was an interesting year for real estate with the Covid-19 pandemic. It started out with a slower than normal March through May due to uncertainty about the future and shutdowns. This resulted in a reduction of the number of homes closed from from April to June. However, Wisconsin real estate finished the year Read More

Goals, Systems, Routines – Happy New Year!

I’ve always been a driven individual who wants to be constantly improving my life. Setting goals and working towards them is huge in terms of self-improvement. It seems that recently a lot of the self-improvement gurus, bloggers, podcasters, etc. are saying that goals don’t work and “systems” are what you should be focusing on. Ultimately, Read More

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