Commitment To Giving – Huge Milestone

As I write this, I’m sitting here paying property tax bills and making the final contributions to nonprofits for the year as part of  our charity program. I can’t help but think – How will all this money will be used? I’m certainly thankful for the quality of public education we have available to us in Verona based on the taxes we pay. However, I think a lot of our tax dollars are used inefficiently by the government and go to waste. While there are all sorts of state, county, or even federally run programs to help those less fortunate, I think most of these charitable organizations do a better job at filling that need than the government does. I watch all the good works that many of these organizations do, and it makes me proud that we contributed to helping their cause.

When we started giving 10% of each commission to the charity of our client’s choice back in 2010 at Keith and Kinsey Real Estate, we set a goal of hitting $100,000 in donations. Then when we started our own brokerage, Great Rock Realty, in 2013 and decided to give a portion of Great Rock’s profits to non-profits as well. Combined between the two, we hit our $100,000 goal way quicker than we thought we would, and we decided to keep the giving going and increase the total goal to a $250,000. I’m proud to say, while doing the bookkeeping this week I realized that we flew past that goal this year all the way to $270,000! Of course, this is over several years, but it’s hard for me to believe our little business has helped contribute this much over time. I probably would have laughed at you if you had told me 10 years ago we could give away that much money.

I wouldn’t normally make something like this public knowledge, because I’m pretty humble and quiet (Kinsey not so much), and we especially don’t like talking publicly about money. However, Kinsey and I decided to post this to have you help us get to the next big milestone. We’d also like to try to motivate others to give more as a part of their daily lives. Commit to giving a small portion of every one of your pay checks to a good cause. You won’t even notice a small portion disappear, and the total amount adds up fast! Hopefully the charitable organizations doing good work out there can continue to do so. This way we can rely less on the inefficiency of government programs that try to do some of the same things, and maybe as a bonus your kids will pay less taxes in the future (doubtful, but maybe it will help minimize their increases).

We are shooting to hit the $500,000 total giving mark within the next 5 years! You can help us do so, by referring your friends, and family to us for their real estate needs. We’d be happy to help!

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