Desperation – Please Don’t Hire An Agent Like This

I recently listened to a real estate agent training podcast that said this:

“Fear is the biggest motivator in the world…  Go out and buy yourself a brand new BMW, a 7 series, and then find out how much fear you have when you’ve got to make that $1000-$1200 payment. Put yourself in a mode of desperation.”

Seriously? That is advice from a real estate coach? Is this why so many agents (who aren’t even big time agents) drive fancy cars? I hope that none of my colleagues listen to ridiculously horrible advice like that.

Desperate agents make desperate sales and work in the interest of their bank account not in the best interest of their clients. We should never put ourselves in a desperate position that will cause us to push people to buy homes just to get another sale. We should be working with our clients to find them the perfect home for their situation, needs, timeline, and financial plan. The client’s needs should always be put before the agent’s needs. If you sense that your agent is pushy or desperate for a sale, fire them and move on. The worst advice will come from an agent that needs a sale. You want an agent can provide you good advice and wants a happy client, not just a sale.

Goals and motivation are great things, desperation is not!

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