Home Build – Week 14

This week in our home build, the carpet, dishwasher, and hvac grills were installed. Also the electrical and lighting is almost complete. We spent today putting up shelves and rods in one of the closets, and helping Kinsey’s step-dad (our electrician) with some little things. If you remember, we didn’t have the builder finish out the bedroom closets. We decided to save a few bucks on the closets and build something more custom ourselves. The closet we did today was the easiest one, and we wanted it done just so we could hang some clothes up on moving day. We’ll finish out the rest of the closets after we get settled in.

All that’s left to do at this point are the finishing touches of electrical work, yard seeding, touch up, and cleaning. We are crossing our fingers that everything can get done this coming week so we can start moving in a week early. After things are finished the code inspector and the bank appraiser will need to inspect and approve the property. At that point we can get an occupancy permit, and the bank can release the final payment to the builder. Then it’s moving time! Stay tuned next week to see if it happens a week early! We’ll welcome any moving help too. 😉


Light fixtures installed

My handywork with the double row closet shelving and rods.

Tray ceiling with the ceiling fan

Day 98 – 13 Days and counting (or maybe 7).

One response to “Home Build – Week 14”

  1. Jana H. says:

    Looks great – I’ve enjoyed watching the progress from week to week! Congratulations you two!


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