Home Build – Week 10

For the past few weeks, while the contractors did drywall and paint, things didn’t seem all that exciting since there weren’t any major transformation. However, this week our home build seemed to get exciting again! The cabinetry, flooring, trim, and doors all started to get installed. We both love how the kitchen turned out. The garage door was also installed, although I haven’t actually seen it down yet. It’s really starting to look like a home now, and we can’t wait to see what it looks like with all the doors and trim installed.

Of course among all the fun and excitement comes the money and administrative side of things. We signed off on another builder draw so our lender will release more money to the builder. If your not familiar with how a construction loan works, I explained these builder draws in a bit more detail in week 7. Every time we get paperwork for a builder payments it shows a list of subcontractors and suppliers that the builder has hired or purchased from. So far there’s been 24 different businesses on that list. I’m so thankful I didn’t attempt to do the general contracting myself (the thought that crossed my mind early on), because I definitely wouldn’t have time to coordinate between all the trades myself. We’d probably still be stuck in week 2 if we had attempted this ourselves. So, thank you Dave at Trademark Homes for managing everything for us, it’s looking great!

Painted tray ceiling

Painted tray ceiling

Bathroom floor and door

Kitchen cabinets and flooring

Day 70 – 40 days and counting

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