Home Build – Completed!

I’m a little late on the blog this week. As you can imagine we’ve been busy getting moved and settled. In any case our home build is complete, and we started moving in one week ago today. Our occupancy was 108 days from when the builder started digging. The original schedule was 120 days and thankfully they finished a bit ahead of schedule.

So far we’ve got the necessities unpacked and arranged but the basement and spare bedrooms are still full of boxes (that’s gonna take awhile). We’ve started in on the little projects around here such as; building a ramp for Harley (our 12 year old Rottie) because she was having trouble with the steps in and out. The dogs got their first few lessons in invisible fence training too. We’ve got the TV hung on the wall and surround speakers mounted, so no more wires hanging out of the walls. Lastly, Isthmus Electric came to install a timer on the bathroom fan, our pendant lights, and our office light. Things are looking great.

Next up on the list of projects are filling in some spots in the yard where the rain washed away dirt, working on the landscaping, and building my wife some closet shelving (the closet needs to be my priority).

We’ve had a few little irritations such as water seeping in the front door and the window well. I called the builder, and one of his guys came back to make a few adjustments to the door threshold, and seal a few joints. I’ll give the builder credit for responding promptly, and hopefully that solves the problem.

Lastly, our lender, Ryan at AnchorBank, stopped over to sign the paperwork to convert our construction loan to a long term fixed rate loan. Done!

A big thanks to Trademark Homes, Isthmus Electric, AnchorBank and all the other contractors involved in getting our house completed! We look forward to many years and lots of memories in this house and neighborhood (have I mentioned how awesome all our neighbors are). One of these days once things get a little more settled and organized, we’ll have a house warming party.

Under cabinet and pendant lights

Kinsey’s favorite office light

My handy work – dog ramp.

Wall mounted TV and speakers. No exposed wires!

2 responses to “Home Build – Completed!”

  1. Keith, your dog ramp is AWESOME! I had to build one for my 14-yr-old shepherd. While she is gone now (miss her), my other dogs appreciate it so much, we won’t be taking it away. YOU ROCK!

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