3d Scanning and Drone Pictures – The Next Big Thing In Real Estate Marketing

We always tell people that professional photography is a must when listing a home. It is imperative that your home look its best online because that is where most searches start these days. Well, now there’s something even better than photos – 3D scanning and aerial drone images! Our favorite real estate photographer recently purchased a quadcopter, 3D scanner and software technology that we have started to use on some higher-end listings. We had our most recent listing scanned and had aerial images taken. The results are incredible.

3d floor plan

The scanning system gives us a 3D floor plan, which can be rotated and allows a view of multiple floors. Click on any point within the floor plan and you will be instantly taken to a detailed, high resolution, photo quality view of that space. Once in a room, the online viewer function allows you to rotate any direction and even look up or down. Using the arrow keys on a keyboard, tapping on a tablet (or phone) screen, or clicking with a mouse will allow you to walk through the home just like you were there.

kitchen image

The aerial images are handy for property with acreage. It gives you a better feel for the layout of the land around the home, not to mention it’s just plain cool.

KK Sky-5

Some real estate agents argue that we are providing too much information to buyers. I would argue that if you have a property worthy of showing off – like this one that has many custom details –  give as much information as possible. If a buyer rules it out because they don’t like what they see online, well so be it, at least they didn’t waste my seller’s time prepping the house for a showing and kicking them out of the house for a few hours. I think this is the next big thing in real estate marketing. What do you think? See the 3d scan and aerial images for yourself. Look for the 3D scans to be used in the “virtual tour” link of many of our future listings.

If you’d like to know more about the home featured in this scan, it’s a beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 ½ bathroom prairie style home on 19.5 acres in Hollandale, WI (about 30 minutes outside of Madison or 25 minutes from Epic Systems in Verona). You can see more info and the full listing data here.

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