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It’s Property Tax Time

Your property tax bill should be showing up within the next month and with this we often receive many questions and comments about property taxes. The most common thing I hear is people complaining about how much their taxes went up and asking how to get them reduced. Unfortunately for 2021, it’s a little late Read More

Property Taxes – Dane County and Surrounding Areas

Property taxes are something to consider when purchasing a home. If you escrow for taxes, your taxes could be 1/3 or more of your monthly payment. Even if your home is paid off, property taxes will be a significant ongoing portion of your annual expenses. We have had many clients who’ve commented things like, “I want Read More

Property Taxes and Escrow – How Does it All Work?

It’s that time of year again; time to give your state and local municipality their Christmas bonus, Property Taxes. I’ve had several questions this month from upcoming and recent first time home buyers about how it all works, so I thought I’d address it here. First, I’ll explain property tax escrow in general. Typically if Read More

Dane County Property Taxes

Property taxes are a big factor when purchasing a home. Your property taxes could be 35% or more of your mortgage payment. Even if you’re retired, debt free, and paying cash for a home, property taxes could be a significant chunk of your annual income. We have heard comments from some buyers and sellers such Read More

From the Holiday Season to Tax Season

The joy and stress of the holidays is almost behind us and fast approaching is the not so joyful stress of tax time. Taxes are something many of us dread. However, with a little bit of organization and preparation it’s not so bad. Start off by pulling out a copy of last years taxes. Browse Read More


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