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City of Madison Rental Property Emergency Contacts

Recently, the City of Madison, WI amended the Madison General Ordinance 27.04(2)(k) to require owners of rental properties to provide tenants with 2 contacts that could be used in case of emergency when the property manager cannot be reached. Of course, whether your rental properties are in Madison or not, it’s a good idea to Read More

Could Adult Kids Living At Home Now Lead to a Housing Shortage Later?

I tend to be more optimistic on the housing market than a lot of people. Of course, maybe that’s because our real estate business has been growing in a down market, or maybe it’s because the Madison area hasn’t been hit as hard as the rest of the country. In any case, I heard some Read More

My Debate With Suze Orman

Many of you know I have some gripes with the how the media represents politics, current events, and the real estate market. Last night  financial advisor, Suze Orman, aired a new episode about “real estate reality”.  There were some major points in her show that I disagree with. Suze said that if you bought a Read More

How Much Should I Offer?

Lately I’ve had several people ask “How much less than asking price would you typical offer on a house?” Well, I could answer that question with statistics that the average sale in a particular neighborhood may be 5% below asking price. Although, the true answer to the question is, it depends, every seller and every Read More

South Central Wisconsin Real Estate Statistics

January 2011 Wisconsin housing statistics as well as  2010 year end  statistics are now available here: Market Update Jan 2011 .  We are very lucky here in south central Wisconsin to have sustained a relatively stable market in comparison to other areas of the country.

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