Home Build – Week 3

This week in the home build, the foundation was back-filled, and the underground plumbing was installed. I climbed down into the basement to take a peak at things today. I was a little puzzled when I couldn’t find any interior drain tile around the footings. Then I found a cut section of the footing forms, and realized that the footing forms, actually are drain tile as well. It’s an interesting product called Form-A-Drain that I think should work well. I took lots of pictures of the underground plumbing, just in case we ever need to tie into anything when remodeling or finishing the basement down the road. In any case, the steel beam was delivered to the site. I think that means framing will start this coming week. We are looking forward to seeing this house come together.

Back-filled Basement

Back-filled garage

Underground Plumbing

99 days and counting!

One response to “Home Build – Week 3”

  1. Greg says:

    It is an interesting product and has become increasingly popular to help drain basements. Flooded basements have been a major problem and inconvenience for homeowners for decades so contractors are always looking for the latest innovations to help reduce or eliminate this problem.


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