Our Marketing Advantage – Especially In the Verona Market

In this hot market Sellers think selling a home is easy and many are choosing the cheapest route to sell (FSBO or a flat fee service). If you are in a good location, with a well kept home that is priced right, I agree generating an offer really isn’t that difficult. However, do you want just an offer or do you want top dollar with the best terms and a smooth stress-free transaction?

There is plenty of research and data out that shows Real Estate Agents out perform FSBO (for sale by owner) in terms of sales price. Also, I’m confident we are out performing the low budget and flat fee agents as well. Many of those type of agents won’t even respond to people on a weekend or outside of the 9-5 hours! If they aren’t responding to you, they also aren’t responding to potential buyers. Not only will we provide you with better communication, we’ll get more exposure for your home. More exposure = more buyers = better price and terms.

If you look around at real estate advertising, you’ll see much of the marketing that agents and brokers do is geared towards marketing themselves. This seems backwards to me. Our job is to market properties for our clients! You’ll notice that most of our advertising is geared towards marketing properties for our sellers. If we do a great job for our clients, we don’t need to do much marketing for ourselves because our clients consistently refer us.

Every listing we have is professionally photographed. The photographers we use are the best in the area at real estate; they give us options for 3d scans, video tours, and aerial photos (they’ll even turn cloudy skies blue for us).

Every listing we have gets a promotion on Facebook and Instagram. This is not just a post, this is a paid geographically targeted advertisement that typically hits 5,000-20,000 people per listing.

Every listing we have is published to the MLS and optimized to highlight the property’s best features.

Every listing we have is published to KeithAndKinsey.com, GreatRockRealty.com, Zillow, Realtor.com, Wisconsinhomes.com, Trulia, Homesnap, and all the major 3rd party marketing sites.

In Verona specifically we have some other advantages too:

Target Market – Verona is our target market; we live and work in Verona and we have a huge network of people here that know and trust us. We know nearly every home that comes on and off the market in Verona. This helps us know values, trends, and strategies better. In fact, we are the agents other agents go to for advice about the Verona market. We’ve also helped a number of buyers and sellers connect for off market deals providing a win/win scenario for everybody. Much of our marketing is geared towards Verona specifically, and this helps our listings get the attention of far more buyers than listings only posted on the MLS. Here are some examples:

Realtor.com – We are a local expert advertiser on Realtor.com with ads targeted specifically to the Verona zip code. This moves your home to the top of the list within buyer’s Realtor.com searches and averages 5,000 views per month

Nextdoor.com – We are an exclusive advertiser on Nextdoor.com for the Verona area. This allows us to target content and listings at 10,000 Verona based subscribers.

All of these locally targeted marketing tools help us get your listing in front of more buyers and results in you getting top dollar for your home! We are confident we are generating more money for you than your low budget options!

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