Verona Home Sales Statistics – July 2016

In July Verona single family home sales continued to be strong. The average home sold was up 13% over last July. That doesn’t necessarily mean your house is worth 13% more, because in a market as small as Verona a few high dollar sales could tip the average a bit. Although, prices are definitely up significantly.

It continues to be a seller’s market with inventory siting at 3.8 months and homes moving fast. The average days on market is showing as 44 days. However, when you look at the median days on market, it’s only 9 days. Homes in the first time home buyer price range (under $300,000) are selling in an average of 15 days (median 5 days), while homes over $300,000 are selling in an average of 66 days (median 17 days). There’s definitely a shortage of the lower priced affordable homes in Verona.

East View Heights was the most active neighborhood last month with 5 sales!

I should also note, I haven’t been tracking condo stats, but there is a huge shortage of available condos in Verona right now. There is only 1.2 months worth of condo inventory in, and condos have started to sell very quickly again.

Verona, WI July 2016 Home Sales Summary

July 2016 Verona Home Sales Statistics     

Verona, WI July 2016 Home Sales By Neighborhood 

January 2016 Verona Home Sales Statistics By NeighborhoodIf the neighborhood you live in is not on this list, sorry. We chose the 13 most active neighborhoods in Verona over the last year. We also do a lot of work in Middleton, Mount Horeb, Oregon, Belleville and Madison. We’d be happy to dig up information on your neighborhood when you contact us directly.

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