What is the difference between a stand alone condo and a single family home?

A stand alone condo is built just like a traditional home. It doesn’t share any walls with neighboring condo units, and most people wouldn’t know that it was not just a traditional single family home. The primary difference though, is the fact that the land is shared with several other owners. I’ll use a home we recently listed in Belleville as an example. There are 6 houses and one duplex that all share one parcel of land, and because the land is shared, the houses are setup as a condo association. In this instance, each home owner is responsible for the maintenance of their own home (interior and exterior), and the association is responsible for the maintenance of the lawn, snow removal, and the shared driveway. This differs from a traditional condo that has shared walls where the association commonly maintains the exterior. In some instances, properties are setup as stand alone condos because it allows the developer to put more homes in a smaller acreage. Another common scenario in northern Wisconsin is old lakefront resort properties that have converted the cabins to condos.

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