Top 10 Things I’m Thankful For

It’s Thanksgiving, a time when we reflect on what we are thankful for throughout the year. It’s kind of odd don’t you think? So many of us think about the stresses and negatives in life most of the time. It’s sad that it takes a holiday to get us to appreciate things. We’ve had some ups and downs this year, but I think I’ve done a good job focusing on the positives. Here’s the 10 things I am most thankful for.

  1. An awesome year in business exceeding our goals.
  2. Our loving families, who we can spend more time with during the holidays.
  3. Our church and it’s supportive, helpful, and faithful members.
  4. Less maintenance, financial management, and stress after selling my house, Kinsey’s condo, and a rental property.
  5. Our new house and it’s much needed garage space for me to enjoy tinkering on cars and motorcycles again.
  6. Our great friends and neighbors (we really did move into the best neighborhood on earth).
  7. Our tenants who have been incredibly great and dependable this year (excluding the one from item 4).
  8. Our health. Thankfully we’ve made it through the year without any major sickness or injuries.
  9. My amazing, beautiful, and hardworking wife.
  10. …and the best for last… our baby on the way. It amazes me at the growth and transformation every time we visit the doctor. We are so excited to be parents.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! What are you most thankful for?

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