Home Build – Week 5

Take a look back to last week, and you’ll see how much was accomplished this week! It’s amazing to me the transformation in such a short time. The rough framing went really quickly and is already complete. They also put in windows, shingled the roof, and started electrical work. We did notice one oops, that the builder will be correcting… The window installer mixed up the master bathroom window with the main level bathroom window since they were the same size. The difference is, the front windows have a prairie style grid in them, and the rest of the windows don’t. No big deal, it should be an easy fix. Everything else is looking great!

Garage and second floor framed

Second floor interior.

It’s suddenly a house!

Exterior after roof and windows.

Living room with fireplace and windows

Day 35 – 85 days and counting.

One response to “Home Build – Week 5”

  1. […] This week, not much happened on the exterior of the house, but there was a flurry of activity inside. The electricians, HVAC crew, and plumber  were all hard at work this week. The furnace and most of the ductwork was installed as well as all the wiring and electrical boxes. Also, the bathtubs were placed and the plumbing inside the walls was routed. It looks like they are about ready to wrap up the work that will be buried within the walls. So, they should be ready to start insulating this coming week. One little snag we ran into this week was the dryer vent got installed in the wrong wall of the closet. However, the contractors quickly corrected it after I pointed it out. Also, the window installer came back to correct the mixed up window I mentioned last week. […]


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