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My Favorite Podcasts

I’m always trying to further my knowledge and better myself. I enjoy reading business and self-improvement type books far more than fiction. With that said, I’m not really a big reader. When I do slow down enough to sit down with a book, I usually enter into sleep mode pretty quickly.  So, I listen to Read More

Homeowner (and Rental Owner) Tax Deductions

It’s that time of year again… Tax time. I know, I cringe when I think about it too. Real estate is one of the most tax favored assets in the United States. If you’re a home owner or rental property owner, don’t forget to take advantage of all the tax deductions available to you. The Read More

Ready, Set, GOAL!

We’ve come to the end of 2011. What was your biggest accomplishment in the last year? Did you achieve everything you wanted?  Many of us set New Year’s resolutions and have ideas of things we’d like to accomplish in the coming year, but how many of us stick to a plan and follow through with Read More

2011 Dane County Real Estate Stats

Yesterday we closed our final scheduled house sale of 2011. So, it’s time to look at our year end statistics.  While there is still doom and gloom all over the news about the real estate market, we were blessed with a great year. Through November, the total number of home sales in Dane County was Read More

Entrepreneurial Ideas for the Unemployed

As I was driving to the office this morning I saw a hand written sign on the median that said “gutter cleaning starting at $35”. Since I have an entrepreneurial mindset, this sign made me start thinking about all the random things I could do for money if I was having a tough time making Read More

Keith and Kinsey’s 5 Rules of Property Investing

After 11 years of owning investment property, I’ve made some great decisions, made some mistakes, experienced an up market, and experienced a down market. After all this, I’ve developed 5 core rules of buying investment properties. Most of these rules can be applied to any type of investing too. Educate yourself Learn all you can Read More

Fear Based Economy???

I find today’s stock market drop (512 points in the dow) quite humorous. It seems to be entirely irrational and fear based. How have the governments decisions over the past few days really affected you? My guess is not at all. Did Caterpillar really loose 10% in company value over the past 3 days?  Not Read More

Business Ethics or Ethical People?

I had to share this great post by Seth Godin on business ethics. He points out, “only people can have ethics.” Do the right thing and be proud of what you do whether it benefits you financially or not! Seth’s Blog: No such thing as business ethics.

Turning The Page

Today Kinsey & I have made a move from Bunbury & Associates to Keller Williams. We would like to thank everybody at Bunbury for their guidance, help, and friendship over the past 2 years. Bunbury was (and still is) a great company and family to work for.  We will definitely miss everyone that helped us Read More

Organize Your Life (and Your Digital Files)

In the past few years there’s been a flurry of new electronic devices such as laptops, cell phones, ipads, iphones, etc.  All these devices are suppose to make our lives more efficient; we can now look up a phone number or email address in seconds, we can keep our grocery lists on our phone, and Read More

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